220 successful leaders reveal the secrets To Being an inspiring First Time Leader

With these secrets, you will be able to:

  • Stop being afraid that your team will not listen to you.
  • Rapidly develop strong relationships with your team.
  • Stop wondering how to get your team to work together?
  • Have your team be creative, hardworking, and achieve the goals you set.
  • Stop being overstressed, worries, and feeling insecure about being a leader.
  • Have your team support the changes you want to make.

    Want the secrets to be an inspiring First Time Leader?

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    Meet Your Coach

    Daniel Lee

    First Time Leadership was started by me (Daniel Lee – Lead researcher and Author) with the support of my business partner, Avi Liran (Co-author of the First Time Leadership book).

    You see. I was an aspiring leader responsible for a training budget of USD$5M in 2015, and thought I was one step away from being formally promoted to be a First Time Leader.

    One day, I was told I needed to show more leadership. I spent the next 3 years attempting to answer the question of ‘What is leadership?’.

    Only to fail.

    First Time Leadership is my response to that question. I finally found the answer in my journey, and now dedicate my time to spreading that knowledge to as many others as possible.

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          Want the secrets to be an inspiring First Time Leader?