Inspire First Time Leadership in your workplace.

Organisations want to gain greater ROI on their leadership development efforts for their First Time Leaders, and be able to do so with a reliable system that is dynamic, grows and improves over time. In this talk for business and human resource leaders, Daniel talks about knowing the most valued traits (MVT) for success

ful leadership in an organisation, being able to see those traits in employees, and cultivating them in an accelerated manner.

Debunking the First Time Leadership mystery

How do you explain leadership that debunks its mystery in a simple and straight forward manner so anyone who does not understand it can easily get it? Aimed at aspiring and first time leaders, participants will learn that leadership comes in all shapes and forms, yet there are fundamental similarities that will allow any leader to define their own label of leadership so they can successfully lead others.

Unlocking the (female) leadership potential

Many of the most successful male leaders interviewed rely on ‘feminine’ traits of leadership to successfully lead others. With over 50% female interviewees in his research, he shares his insights with women leaders on how they can unlock the same leadership potential that is already in them.


Pilot course

Looking for enthusiastic participants interested in getting early access to brand new content, in exchange for feedback on how we can improve, at a great price?

Enthusiastic participants will:

  • Know where they currently stand in their first time leadership journey.
  • Develop their unique leadership approach to stand out amongst their peers.
  • Be a successful first time leader sooner and get started on your 2nd promotion.

Three hours of tailored learning for each participant.